There are many different key systems and restricted systems available that will suit any situation required.  Here is a short explanation on what some of the terms and systems mean.

Keyed alike systems can be provided where a number of locks have to be operated by the same key.  In this case the mechanism of each lock is built to the same key and only operated by that key or identical duplicate keys.  There is no limit to the number of locks which can be supplied keyed alike.  For instance at home you can have the same key for your front gate, the front and back door and any padlocks you have.  This system does not have to be a restricted system, which means you can get a key cut anywhere and by anyone who has a copy of the key.


A Maison system is ideally suited for apartments, houses, flats, office or hotel buildings.  In this system, each room, apartment, office or flat has its own unique key, but each key will operate a common lock, like a front entrance gate, laundry or other common area.


A Restricted system is registered with a locksmith company,  can only be cut by that company, requires your authorisation to get keys cut and the locksmith company has records of when keys were cut and how many have been cut.


A Masterkeyed system is for installation where a number of locks are to be used, each lock having its individual key, plus a masterkey.  Under this arrangement holders of individual keys may only open those locks which they are authorised to operate, while the master key will operate all locks in the system.


A Grand Masterkeyed system is a more extensive system that requires locks to be keyed in groups.  A grand masterkey will operates all locks in the system, with masterkeys for each group and individual keys for each lock.